By Stephan Meyn

Thursday, October 23, 2003

V0.5 features

V0.4 features

Foreign Key based Retrieval

If there is a foreign key defined Bamboo Builder will generate a 'GetForAll' getter of the kind of:

ContactDetail[] AllContactDetailsForOffice(int officeId)
Multi-User Access is here

Bamboo really comes into shine when it supports multiple users across remoting mechanisms. For that automated detection of update collisions must be implemented. A basic implementation exists that tracks the number of updates. If a version is passed in as an argument to an update call the update count is compared with the update count in the stored version. If the stored version's update count is larger an UpdateCountException is raised.

Note: Bamboo multi user access works only via a server concept. a Microsoft Access style file based multi-user support is not possible.